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Ila: I have received my order already, very efficiens, will order again in the future.
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Customer comments

At The, we pride ourselves on being customer focused. We listen carefully and always value your comments and feedback so we can act upon them and improve our service to you.
Below you will find several comments from some of the many people who shop with us on a regular basis. Only with these kind of honest comments can we hope to provide a better, more competitive and total service. So, over to you!

Nice product and good service. Will order again.

Submitted : 21 months ago by Farid

saya dah terima brooch sy. cantik sangat.. tq so much.. :) tp brooch lbih kecil dari yg dijangka.. :( huhu.. pape pn senang berurusan dgn broochmarket

Submitted : 22 months ago by Uhud

Brooch dah sampai. Harga murah. Process penghantaran cepat. TQ

Submitted : 23 months ago by Wan

I received the package in order. Thank you very much for getting it to me save and sound.

Submitted : 23 months ago by Pamela

Saya dah terima order 700616 pada 03/05/16. Berpuashati dgn kualiti yg setanding dgn harganya.. xsabar nk buat second order utk raya.. (^_^)

Submitted : 25 months ago by Yusnizan Yahya

Order received. Good quality with reasonable price. Will order again.

Submitted : 26 months ago by Nurul

My second order. Easy to order and trusted site.

Submitted : 27 months ago by Jim

Order sudah sampai, barang semua cantik. TQ

Submitted : 27 months ago by Zul

Ordered received. Price is cheap and quality is good, will order again.

Submitted : 34 months ago by Hani

Already received my parcel.. Tq.. I'm really satisfied with the product.. So beautiful n high quality.. I'm so excited to wear it.

Submitted : 36 months ago by Nasirah

Your products are cheaper than pasar malam and shopping center. Will come back and purchase more...TQ

Submitted : 37 months ago by Lina

Brooch dah sampai. TQ

Submitted : 37 months ago by Nur

Ordered received. Fast delivery and reasonable price.

Submitted : 38 months ago by Siti

Harga murah, barang cantik. Terima kasih.

Submitted : 38 months ago by Farah

received my items. Thank you.. fast and nice too. thank you

Submitted : 43 months ago by asma

Received merchandise in good order. TQ.

Submitted : 46 months ago by Norazlin Jaafar

Terima kasih sy da dpt order sy.. Semua ya dlm keadaan yg baik

Submitted : 46 months ago by Salinah

Just received the order this morning in good condition.

Submitted : 47 months ago by Zamzila

I have receives my parcel this afternoon. Parcel and content in good condition. Really appreciate your fast service.

Submitted : 52 months ago by Sri Hanna Ajak

hai .. thank you broochmarket. your service is awesome and fast :) btw, i like your dokoh (big brooch)! will order with you again next time.. so cheap, cantik and fast shipping <3

Submitted : 53 months ago by nuur aini mohd sobli

Penghantaran yg cepat , item semuanya cantik belaka.Terima Kasih

Submitted : 58 months ago by Opa

We already received your item. Its very nice and fast. All of the item in good condition and very beautiful.InsyaAllah will order to you next time. Your services was very nice ! Thank you a lot :)

Submitted : 58 months ago by Faten

hello! your cotto brooch are very nice and cute.. where can i buy this product? i hope you can give your response quickly..

Submitted : 65 months ago by naz

Brooch dah dapat. Process penghantaran, cepat. Terima kasih,

Submitted : 65 months ago by munirah.

I have received my order already, very efficiens, will order again in the future.

Submitted : 70 months ago by Ila

Just wanted to leave a note to say what a straightforward website this is, and how quickly I managed to place my order. Thank you! I will be sure to recommend to others.

Submitted : 70 months ago by Ani


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BJ0013K-S Kerongsang Jurai Glow in the Dark (Silver)
KSP0018K-PI Kerongsang Sampan / Tudung 3 Layer Multicolour
KSP0022K-M Kerongsang Sampan / Tudung 3 Layer - Multicolour
BB0058-D Baby Brooch Tiara Gold
BM0036-PI Kerongsang Medium Oval Pink
BM0035-B Kerongsang Rama-Rama Biru

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