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Can we COD or Meet Somewhere to buy ?
Sorry, we are operating as a Internet Shopping model, we don't have intention to go backward for COD and meet somewhere trade. If you don't trust us today. Please don't buy. Just come visit us our webstore from time to time until you feel comfortable and secure, then only you buy.

Do you accept credit card?
Yes, we accept online credit card transaction. Please note that the Payment is process by Sdn Bhd. The Name of will be shown on your Credit Card / Bank Statement and you will also receive a notification e-mail from Mobile88 on the Transaction.


How much is shipping?
To find out how much shipping will cost, add the items you are interested in, to your shopping basket. Note that in doing this, you are not obligated to purchase these products. When viewing your shopping basket, you will see an option called 'Check Out'. When selecting this option, you will be forwarded to the 'Shipping Information Page.' Please enter your shipping address and shipping method and your shipping charge will appear. After viewing your charge, select the cancel button to cancel the check out process.

When will you send my orders?
Normally we will send your orders out the next day after receiving your payment by midnight 12am. Some items will be sent out on the 2nd or 3rd day after receiving your payment. However some items are back order or imported from oversea will take up to 2 weeks.

Is my shipping discreet? We take your privacy seriously because we respect you as a customer. All shipments are packaged discreetly in a plastic beg, with no indication of what the package is. For the return address, we use the name of our parent company, Green Strategy Marketing. This is the name that we bill under as well.

What are the shipping options?
Besides the shipping method stated during 'Check Out', buyers can request other modes of shipping by mentioning in the instruction box during 'check out'. we will then reply with the rate by email

Product quality & return :

What if the item you received is Damaged or Defective?
You can send us an email and report the damage. We will then guide you to return the damaged or defective items ,and we will make a new replacement to you. If the case, we fail to replace, we will give you a refund excluded postage. Processing your return usually takes 2 business days from the day we receive the return products.


Where is your shop that I can view and test the products ? is presently an pure Internet retailer without a physical store and we also don't have a counter for self collection.

How can I ensure to receive the item after making payment? is owned by a Malaysia registered company Green Strategy Marketing (001898202-W). All transaction is protected by Malaysia business law.

Do you still have questions?
If you still didn't find the answer you were looking for, you can email us at

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BJ0013K-S Kerongsang Jurai Glow in the Dark (Silver)
KSP0018K-PI Kerongsang Sampan / Tudung 3 Layer Multicolour
KSP0022K-M Kerongsang Sampan / Tudung 3 Layer - Multicolour
BB0058-D Baby Brooch Tiara Gold
BM0036-PI Kerongsang Medium Oval Pink
BM0035-B Kerongsang Rama-Rama Biru

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